About STHLM Xperience Conference

We started STHLM Xperience Conference in 2018 because we wanted to create a place where everyone that works with experience can learn and have fun together. The conference was a total success and SXC is now a yearly event.

Our vision

Inspire and create conditions for design teams and leaders to come together and create amazing experiences.

Our Mission

Be an outstanding global forum for teams that create great experiences by providing tools for their daily work and networking with both local and international digital experts. Providing leadership in a rapidly changing market and requirements on new competencies.

Co-Founders & Organizers

The team behind STHLM Xperience Conference

The conference is arranged by Zington Xperience a UX and Visual design consultant agency in Stockholm with 40 employees. The team behind the conference is a cross functional digital experience team of Visual designers, Service designers and UX Designers. Meet a few of us in the team!

The Team

Sanni Nyström
Social Media

Arvid Wollin

Ylva Boske
Design & Branding

Linus Gustafsson

Lilly Wang
Design & Branding

Jonas Klingsdal

Anna Eriksson
CSS & Frontend

David Knutsson
Design & Branding